Question: How does the PowerSpout compare?

We compared PowerSpout turbines (the latest in over a decade-long line of hydro generators with hundreds of units currently in use all around the world) with the other permanent-magnet hydro generators available on the market today. We assumed an average site, input the same values for each turbine, we found that PowerSpout turbines produced about the same output as the best of our competitors, but PowerSpout turbines generate at about half the RPM. This is because the PowerSpout’s Smart Drive generator is twice the diameter of the competition and can generate up to 1W/rpm. Ask any mechanic what that means, PowerSpout turbines will outlast the others. That is just the beginning of the benefits of using a PowerSpout.

Most of our competitors use 6203 bearings (40x17x12mm) front and back. Our PLT PowerSpout has a larger 6205 (52x25x15mm) front bearing and 6005 (47x25x12) rear bearing, resulting in up to 65% more bearing load capacity. Our other TRG and LH turbines have 6005 (47x25x12) front and rear. You can add automatic grease lubrication to all our products, when fitted, our warrantee includes bearings. Most of our competitors exclude bearings from their warrantee terms.

Answer: PowerSpout is the smart choice.

Up to 68% of our parts and packaging are from recycled materials.  PowerSpout is manufactured at a facility that is completely powered by renewable means. That means that PowerSpout is the environmentally positive choice, not only for generating clean power, but for being manufactured in a ecologically responsible way. You can now read the full Eco Report (in our document index), which is an independent study of PowerSpout manufacturing. We understand how we impact on the planet, and how we can do even better in the future. How do our competitors compare?

At the heart of the PowerSpout is a Smart Drive: a direct-drive permanent magnet generator. As the world leader of Smart Drive innovation, with over a decade of experience generating power from these units, we have developed sophisticated simulation software for determining the most efficient configuration for your PowerSpout. PowerSpout achieves a similar performance to the best of its competitors at less than half the RPMs.  We guarantee our PowerSpout and Smart Drive generator for 3 years, but we rarely see them need replacing in that time The bearing assembly is larger than the competition, easily replaced, inexpensive, and available directly from


Attached to the Smart Drive generator, via a 1 inch (25mm) stainless steel shaft, is a durable Pelton, Turgo or Propeller rotor. The PLT and TRG rotors have been injection molded out of glass-filled nylon, the LH rotor is made from stainless steel. All wet-side rotors have a 5 year warrantee.  These inexpensive and easily-replaced rotors are very efficient at harnessing power from the water flow. In the case of PL T and TRG impulse turbines, up to four jets are aimed at the rotor, where its unique shape extracts almost all the energy from the water flow, converting it into rotational shaft energy that drives the Smart Drive generator.


Our weatherproof casings means that a PowerSpout is a real outdoorsman: it needs no shelter.

Rotationally molded out of super strong LDPE, a UV resistant plastic, it is made to stand up to all weather conditions without letting you down when you need power the most.




Twin and quad opposing jets means that the load on the PLT/TRG rotor is distributed evenly, resulting in a pure couple with no shaft side thrust, this helps the bearings last even longer. The pressure gauge (supplied) makes it easy to see what is really happening in the pipe so that it is easy to set up and you can give us more accurate feedback about the performance of your system. We may be able to diagnose issues with the installation by comparing the pressure, jet sizes and output Watts against our calculations. We can often diagnose a problem with some good data and a photograph of the installation.

Click here for an approximate performance graph that shows the relative performance of our PowerSpout product range from 100W to 12kW.

For accurate calculations and for system design, click here for the Advanced Calculator