This is where customers using our Low Head Powerspout brag about their results.


The Powerspout LH going great:
1010 W after Outback FM60 at 3.4 m Head !

Best regards

Tilo P, Germany

Hi Michael and Florin,
Really, this pleases me. Many thanks for your wonderful support.
Now the turbine completely runs and she brings 1. 67 kW much more than the 1.3kW advised.
Many thanks for your answer and your great LH turbine. The turbine runs really good.
Also the service of Florin is really wonderful. He helped me always immediately, fast and very competently. This was really a big help to me. I have for you some pictures and videos of my turbine.

Best regards

Rolf , Germany

My PowerSpout LH water turbine, made in NZ. Plastic and stainless steel, washing machine rotor/stator – Brilliant

Finally got the Powerspout water turbine grid connected, first 50 hours operation made 42 kW/hrs………… Turbine provides enough power to drive the BMW i3 90 miles/day. Pay back -18 months! 1st Megawatt produced by the PowerSpout water turbine, taken 50 days. 11 megawatts will pay off the turbine =1.5 yrs

C Burnett , Scotland

We have succeed on installation of the first LH in Romania. We had a full success in this project … and turbine perform much better than expected. I don’t know if this is good or not …but we got about 1445W instead of 1026W. As I know from experience … if this is too much … probably something has to be verified. Customer is very happy … but I need your opinion if getting this power is good or not so good and action has to be taken.

PowerSpout replies:
Hi Florin,

Yes the LH does perform better than we state, about 10% better normally. You have a very good result.

I am happy, I suspect the client may have more head than they have stated. So a very good outcome. You look to have 4-5m of head? Please confirm.

Looking at your video I can see 2 issues.

1, The lower end of your draft tube needs to be at least 250mm under water? Yours does not seem to be, gate the exhaust flow to increase the height. This will increase performance and reduce noise.

2, Your MC250 regulator is in absorb, suggest you fit a diversion load and keep the turbine at full load 24/7, as it will then run slower and make less noise.

All the best, hope these comments help

Florin - Ecovolt, Romania

I hoped Terence past on to you that my LHpro turbine has been running very well since around April/May when normal rainfall finally arrived here..............

Thank you, Regards

Neil , Tasmania

Your LH turbine is a beautiful piece of engineering............ since commissioning my powerspout LH it has 3000 Hrs clocked up working excellent......the generator is grid connected and avg o/p 840 - 855W about 20 Kwhrs/d..............Cheers and keep up your excellent work.

and then 6 month later...........

May I say the L.H.turbine is operating extremely well………..Also Darren and I have been testing the turbine using the Ingeteam Inverter and the output has gone from 820W with the SMA to 1330 W, and that has now been running for 6 months with an average of 32 Kwh/day to the grid and a winding temperate of 27 C.

M. Tyler, Australia