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As far as hydro turbines go, you can’t really get better than Michael Lawley’s ‘Powerspout’ turbine for the money. Based on a ‘Fischer and Paykel’ washing machine motor and producing up to 1kW these turbines are cheap, well supported and pretty reliable. I don’t pretend to be any expert on these things but I’ve got a ‘Stream Engine’ http://www.microhydropower.com/ operated a ‘Navitron’ http://www.navitron.org.uk/product_detail.php?proID=173&catID=81 and installed a ‘Harris turbine’ http://www.lopowerengineering.com/ . They’re all good and do what they say but one seems to be the best value for money of them all and is available from Hugh Piggott at http://scoraigwind.com/ .
When I purchased mine from Hugh some years ago I bought spare pelton spoons and bearings , mainly because of the free shipping with the turbine. However you get a good toolkit with it that includes a special spanner for the nozzles.

C Blogg, Scotland

Customer is very pleased, the design sheet calculated 870W, he is getting 900W generated and 20 exported units daily.

Dave - 2V micro systems UK , U.K.

Now the festivities are over I want to report back on our Powerspout and Midnight Classic installation. It's incredible! The generator has not been used once this winter. We are making around 250 watts 24/7 with the small nozzles which is enough to fulfil our needs along with our
solar........... even the recording studio. If we do need more I know we can fit the larger nozzles. So once again I´d like to thank you for all your help. I am attaching pics of the installation. Please could you pass these on to Powerspout.

Best wishes,

Richard, U.K.

2 years of flawless service from my PowerSpout in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, USA. Very happy!

A. Curren, USA

"I am tickled to death with these PowerSpouts!" That's North Carolina speak for 'extremely happy'

J Lundsford, USA

Installed PLT200 on 16.5m head (15m actual), 480W predicted (500-510W exporting), still chasing the missing 1.5m (Note from EcoInnovation, allowing for new head this is 15% more than predicted by the online calculation tool, well done!)

David Willcox , U.K.

We have got an output of 860W for each turbine (or 41kWh/d). The calculation estimated about 730W with 1 turbine..............the client is very satisfied with the results.

(Note from EcoInnovation, this is 17% more than predicted by the online calculation tool, well done!)

Boualem BENKOUSSA, Nouvelle-Calédonie

I bought a turbine from you in 2004, shipped to Ireland. The turbine has been trouble free……………….. Thanks

R Doyle , Ireland Oct 2013