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After several days of work and some testing I can say that I am very happy with my PowerSpout. I operate it at a head of 100m….. My project created quite some buzz in my village, and other people seem to like the advantages of water compared to solar electricity. If you are interested, I can send you some pictures next summer, when the installation is finalized.

Thomas, Switzerland

We carried out a turbine demo at my neighbour’s place last Sunday. We connected a PowerSpout GE to my house via an SMA SB1200 and powered it on a irrigation pipe; we had 1205 W and the turbine was working marvelously.

Rafael Robillard, France

Just letting you know the last shipment made it... the unit is producing 1005 Watts and the customer is pleased. Thanks for your effort...

[Advanced Calculator: 912W assumed 10% cable loss. Installed with larger cable, got 1005W. Power at turbine was calculated at 1012 Watts so it delivered 4% more than calculated, another great result]

David Waters, Costa Rica

We got our turbine up and running four days a go. What a blessing it runs like a dream. We are getting a bit more power than I thought we would get, on average it is putting out between 17 and 19 amps into the batteries. We are very pleased we have not had to run the generator since we installed it, what a feeling knowing when you go to bed the batteries are getting charged.

Simon, New Zealand

Hi Michael, you supplied us with PV panels and Pelton turbine for our house on Arapawa Island NZ. Goes very well.

Alistair, New Zealand

Thank you so much for your presentation on 'living off grid' on Saturday 21st in Keswick.
I hope we made it very clear at the time just now much we valued and appreciated your talk.
The clarity of the presentation and your enthusiasm were genuinely inspiring and motivating, and we felt,should reach a wider audience in the UK. It was genuinally stunning.

We appreciate that your visits to the UK are rare and your time is valuable, but when you do next come to Keswick and if you can spare the time, we would like to set up a widely publicised and larger meeting aimed at the general public.

Clyde Mitchell, SusKes, Keswick, UK

I just want to express my satisfaction regarding the (advanced calculator) web-tool ...

I’m using it since many weeks already and I can assure you that this is brilliant !

I cannot imagine how did I worked so far without this tool...

Congratulations .. !!

Florin Fleseriu, EcoVolt, Romania

Just received our Pelton ……. that you sent us. It came in with no damage and I must add you and your team has done a nice job, it's a work of art. Thanks.

Sieghard , Canada