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Good news it works. I am getting 4 rpm water wheel = 256 rpm at the smart drive shaft = 2.8A @ 50V into a 10AH lead acid battery. Looking at your graph it looks about right. It's a smashing unit when it's running and well worth the investment - thanks.

Roy, Scotland

Sorry about the delay in getting back, I've been off-work for the last week and it's my only access to email. We assembled the turbine the other day and put in the concrete base two days ago. I'm very impressed with the build quality. We connected up the turbine last week and it's flying. It's been putting out 7.5a at 25.4v about 190w. I'm delighted with it.

Rob, Ireland

All three boxes of turbines have arrived safely…… I am very pleased with the quality of the turbines and am looking forward to setting them up.

Bowen, Republic of Ireland

It is 3 years since we last corresponded. You will be glad to hear that the turbine is still in very good condition and showing very little wear

Arthur, Wales

The goods arrived today in excellent condition, I think it is safe to say that the quality of goods (and packing) is even better than expected and we had great expectations indeed. We will assemble and install it soon, the only problem is that due to unusual weather, the water supply is noticeably less than normal.


Some 3 years ago I installed a Pelton Smart Drive turbine that still generates without any problems whatsoever.

Thorhallur, Iceland

To give some feedback the customers are very happy with your product and they have performed reliably in the past several years since we started installing. The support documentation is the best that we have ever seen.

You are doing a great job (we have shut down a number of gasoline and/or diesel generators due to the install of your hydro turbines).

I'm thoroughly impressed with your vision, engineering, and product. Your thorough research, testing, and use of the Smart Drive to make such an efficient and cost effective product is a wonderful thing.

I'm absolutely thrilled with your product. I'm generating a huge amount of interest in micro hydro in general, and your hardware in particular. Again, many thanks.

Paul Fletcher, Canada

Based on the spreadsheet you sent a while back, power output is right on target. Needless to say I'm quite pleased. I think the biggest problem left to resolve is how to keep the water inlet at the spring free of leaves and silt for long periods of time. That has nothing to do with your unit, of course. So -- I'm happy, and I'd be happy to be a reference for any customers if you'd like.


The hydro generator I got from you is still working great.

Bruce Clagett, USA