Firstly let me start with the fact that I am to date hugely impressed with our TRG.

Robert O'Meara , Naimaina Enkiyio Forest - Kenya

I had a call today from a client (off grid scotland ) our future proofed TRG, currently running on 3 pipes and rated at 770 Watts, he has been recorded 820 Watts, customer is very pleased, like Whoopie do pleased, and will soon add a 4th pipe!. We forecast 1kW and expect to comfortably exceed this which is fortunate as the electrical loading is going up as well.

Dave - 2V micro systems UK , UK

Really love the unit. Installed without a hitch………..The machine runs brilliantly and I am really pleased with the noise levels under load. It is really quiet when it is all running nicely.

Jamie, U.K.

Hi There.

Hydro has not missed a beat............ sitting around 41 kWh per day pretty consistently and when it drops its due to a few too many leaves around the intake.

So you deserve some very high accolades for your design and install. Bloody awesome.
My pipes at the intake are still 'temporary' as the river taught me a few lessons.
That said - 5 floods been through now and all holding well so perhaps i can look to make the fastenings more permanent.

Thanks Ramon

Ramon, New Zealand

Very nice and good turbine . Well done Michael ! This is the first Turgo install for me ... and I was really impressed. The most important in this installation was the connection parts ( picture attached) ............it was amazing how easy you can install them ! … really really highly appreciated.................we install the turbine and we got much more power than is given by online calculator.

Florin Fleseriu , Romania

My PowerSpout TRG is running great, generating all the power I need, and I am so happy I did not need to build a shed for it.

Matt, New Zealand